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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 4, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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donovan. i'm brooke thomas. thanks for joining us. katie is here with us as well keeping an eye on things this morning. >> in the a great day or start to the wednesday morning in the world of the traffic either. i sund like a broken record as well. >> but we still love you too. >> thank you. >> may i say may the fourth be with all of you. >> nice. >> so, we're back at it again, gray, glummy skies, more rain, again. it is in sight. it will take a couple days. here what he go, again really, storm scan three is still showing signs of life, green that is coming through in the form of the light rain and couple pockets of steady rain across southeastern pennsylvania, even just clipping cape may county right behind me here but is there wet weather to dodge and some mist, drizzle, certainly a lot of clouds, and it is just not a pretty day even though we are between systems. we have moisture, and low 50's currently at the airport. we are in the 40's. it is chilly at the shore,
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49 degrees and holding in the upper 40's at mount pocono. as day progresses we will not see much sunlight today but we expect a little maryland racial on the thermometer, upper 50's probably getting to 60 today a cross the couple spots but yeah, it is dreary, damp, chill which showers to dodge and maybe some fog as well throughout the day. it is more of the same, meisha and this will continue to be a running theme. >> yeah, in the a good one at that. katie, thanks very much. whenever we have problems in the world of weather we will see it on the roadway and we saw it yesterday, we will see it today. good news is the issues that we were seeing around 4:30 and even earlier then that are getting cleared out of the way. that will help, a little bit but still busy. construction ramp for i-95 and blue route is closed. they are trying to get this opened. you can see right lane is also closed. this will cause you slow downs just cracking in the 5:00 o'clock hour and we are seeing these lights go off.
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looking at ben franklin bridge first shot, beautiful shot here, you can see how wet, looking good in terms of the volume levels. there is no one out there right now. thinking about getting out there, get the out there, earlier is better than later in the case like this. we have an accident in bros glassboro. we have a, down pole and use an alternate glassboro cross keys road will be your best bet. we will let you know when had clears. that accident is still blocking all lanes. over to you jim and brooke. well, two separate police involved shootings overnight prove once again the streets of philadelphia can be dangerous for police officers. >> one incident officers say they were shot at the in the other incident, officers say that the suspect used a car as a weapon. that within happened in overbrook. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is there gathering more information, jan. >> reporter: brooke and jim, still a very active scene here in overbrook and police continue to investigate this deadly officer involved shooting but there is some movement on the scene now.
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police just recently reopened lancaster at overbrook avenue that had been closed for hours due to this investigation but you can see behind me on overbrook that area is still closed because these vehicle involved is still in the middle have the street. police say suspect was shot after he tried to run officers over with that van. now take a look at the video this all unfolded just before 1:00 a.m. investigators say police in an unmark spotted a man they believed was acting suspiciously. they called for an marked police car to assist. they say those mark officers tried to pull the suspect over but he refused to get out of the car and tried to run responding officers over. those officers, opened fire, the suspect was hit, taken to presbyterian and then pronounced dead at the hospital. now this was the second of two police involved shootings overnight, in philadelphia, before this event over in, over here in overbrook around 11:00 o'clock last night another shooting, that one in southwest philadelphia a, on the 5300 block of grace
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avenue. police were inside that area when they heard shots fired and then they found a man 40 years old standing on the deck shooting a gun into the air. >> the officers are just in the area, they hear multiple shots and it brings us back to the rear alley way of the 5300 block of grace avenue, they see a male there, shooting more and they approach the male and tell them to drop the weapon and that mail aims and fires one shot at police, misses, and then one of the officers fired two times back and shoots the male in the leg. >> now that suspect was taken to the hospital in stable condition, and now, in custody, another man was inside of the house there in the southwest philadelphia incident was taken in for questioning as well, and back out here in overbrook, of course, investigation continues, in word on the identity of the man who was the shot and killed here and no information about the officers involved just yet, this is still a developing story, just as soon as we get more information we will bring
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it straight to you. for now we are live from overbrook, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and brooke, back to you. >> we will check with you later on. we have major developments in the race for the white house. ted cruz is his campaign, leaving donald trum one no major obstacle to the republican nomination. knock out blow came last night in the indiana primary where trump enjoyed a land slide victory. on the democratic side a much closer finish with bernie sanders scoring an upset over hillary clinton. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is in the cbs-3 sat center to explain just what happened in the last 24 hours. i woke up to a shocker, justin. >> reporter: indeed, brooke. waters seems to be calming in the g.o.p. race as donald trump sets his sight on the white house with his overwhelming delegate count but for democrats it is still a fight to the finish. >> ♪ >> reporter: after indiana a donald trump seems focused on a november race and hillary clinton. >> she will not be a great president, she will not be a good president, she will be a poor president.
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>> reporter: word of the republican party now likely nominee, if national committee heads of the republican party tweeted a call for unity naming trump the presumptive nominee. it came after his vocal opponent ted cruz bowed out. >> we gave it everything that we got, but the voters chose another path. >> reporter: although he trails trump by nearly 900 delegates john kasich remains in the race. ohio governor released in a statement reading in part our strategy has been and continues to be, one that involves winning the nomination at an open convention. for tells and upset, bernie sanders new moving ahead and refusing to back down after beating clinton. >> i think the objective evidence that i am the strongest candidate to prevent trump from becoming president. >> reporter: clinton still hold a delegate advantage with the inn yan a state primary in the books. she tweeted this to supporters. chip in now if you agree we
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cannot let him become president. now that narrow upset sanders win gears him up for more fights ahead but for democrats, indiana's 92 delegates are given proportionally so clinton and sanders both gain. up next on the primary calendar nebraska and virginia. kasich has in the been seen yet but may see him pop up back on the campaign trail because he has been, still, we are hearing at this point for in i two man race. brooke and jim, back inside to you. >> wow. stay with "eyewitness news" as we follow candidates through the republican convention in cleveland, and the democratic convention in philadelphia. our coverage continues, on line at cbs well, president obama has headed to flint michigan where he will address the water crisis. the president will meet with the state governor and federal officials, during the visit governor rick snider is expect to ask president obama for more federal support. also happening today preliminary hearing for the philadelphia father accused of
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shooting his own four year-old daughter in their kensington home. thirty year-old maurice phillips is charge with murder and related charges for april death of his daughter. at first he allegedly told police the girl's sibling was playing with the gun when it went off. phillips later admitted he was the one pulling the trigger. we have disturbing video from outside northeast high school. police are searching for three suspects who for the with school police officers. police say the suspect were challenging some students to fight and then that is when officers stepped in. one officer was thrown to the ground, other officer was punched. this all happened monday afternoon around 3:30. the suspects got away, going east on cottman avenue. now here's a look at newts paper headlines from across our region. >> from the press of atlantic city car crash involving an a atlantic city police cruiser send an officer and other driver to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. cruiser was responding to another accident when it collided with a vehicle, at the intersection of the
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virginia and arctic avenues. from the news journal the conrad schools of sciences is closer to losing its redskins mascot and name. committee is recommending the red clay consolidated school district make the name change, and this comes as schools and sports teams with similar names have faced increasing pressure to abandon images related to native members. eileen of olson middle school in tabernacle will be named burlington county school nurse of the year. she's one of the hundreds of school nurses in the garden state who keep children safe and healthy during the school day. that is a look at the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, forced out by flames, due to a massive wild fire cause an entire town to be evacuated. obstacle making it even harder for people to lose their homes, when we come back. mr. sour grapes to tasty sandwiches, special ingredients in this meal inspired by sam bradford and how you can try it for free today.
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same old song with the weather, we are tired by the rain by now. katie will let us necessity when sun does finally come back. stay with us.
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it is 5:13. ranging wild fire forced an entire town in albert, canada to evacuate. >> but getting out of the city, of mcmurray is proving to be scary and even very difficult. flames are coming dangerously close to the main road more than 80,000 people have been ordered to leave and mayor declared a local state of emergency. >> we had basically two minutes to get home, grab our stuff and we had to leave. i'm terrified. i'm very scared. very nervous. i don't know if i'll have a home to come back to but i
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have my dog, my family and that is all i need. >> there have been in reports of serious injuries and right new priority is just to keep everybody safe. katie, i wish we could send our rain their way. >> no kidding. they could absolutely use it. the whole thing goes when it rain, it poreses. remember we had that licensing stretch of very dry weather. now we're stuck in the gray, glummy skies for days on even. this is a pattern that is sticking essentially for the same reason we saw sunshine. we will explain it moving forward. lets look at is what happening on storm scan three. at the moment we have pretty steady rain toward lehigh valley, and, you are heading east on 78, maybe commuter into new york city. we will dodge rain drops out there for sure. majority of the southeastern pennsylvania is stuck in this right now but it is lifting out. just a matter of time before we catch a break. this is another glummy, dreary day with gray skies. here comes the next system dropping into pay us another visit to keep things unsettled
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for the next couple days. i mentioned a moment ago we had that licensing stretch of dry, quiet weather with the sunshine for you will remember that, how could you forget. it is same story but just a different placement have of that omega block. we call that it because it looks like greek symbol omega looking at the jet stream. new we are on the bad end of that. system after system can set itself up here and lead to cool, dreary, unfortunately very unsettled conditions. now at least one thing we have going to day and we didn't have yesterday is that the cloud are not quite as low. we can make out the center city sky line well off in the the distance this shot taken from the live neighborhood network outside palmyra cove network park. i would have that jacket ready to go. it wouldn't be a bad idea to take the umbrella 51 degrees is the temperature at philly international. magic number from allentown, reading and lancaster. but with that said we will see a handful of degrees get tacked on because with all of the included that limit any
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solar heat ago this can get on. at best lower 50's today, tomorrow and friday, still with some soggy conditions to contend with. by the weekend it the finally starts to dry out. i cannot rule out a residual shower saturday or sunday at least it is brightening up and warming up, meisha. >> it has been a while since we have seen so much rain. i suppose we need it but it is no fun. this is what we are looking at construction near ramp for i-95 to the blue route is closed and that has just been lifted. we have lost that right lane leading up to that close another. so make note. this is one area i keep my eye on looking very, very slow moving in and around this area i am looking at one of first shot of the vine moving in the westbound direction looking good. moving in the eastbound direction you you can see headlights out there maybe getting a jump start to the day because we know how busy, both monday and tuesday. overall west and eastbound vine we are looking okay but you we are certainly starting to heat up. this is schuylkill taillights in the eastbound direction past girard, looking good. i would say that this is
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looking fairly normal. normal in the world of the traffic, not a bad thing. that is in the bad at all. we are looking okay on the schuylkill. we have two accidents not far one in warrington mapel a avenue at street road. another in hatboro davisville road at county line road. these will slow you down because of the amount of people starting to hit the roadway getting an early jump to the day. just take a note of them. i will tweet them out as well. phillies used great pitching and key hit to get back in the winning column. here's sports director don bell with your morning sports. >> reporter: phillies continue their four game series tonight in st. louis, adam morgan will get the start for the phillies. ryan howard is st. louis native and loves playing begins his hometown team. batting .331 at bush stadium. last night he continued his dominance against the card. pick it up in the fourth, no score, aaron nola on the hill, random's line drive and peterberges, making a nice sliding grab to end the
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inning. still scoreless in the sixth. hometown guy, ryan howard begins michael w aka. >> gone. >> his sixth home run of the season and between the second, against the cardinals. phillies up one to nothing. aaron nola was flat out filthy, he had seven innings of shut out ball. he has a 20 inning scoreless streak. bull pen, closing the door. jeanmar gomez, closing the season. one to nothing the final score. that is all for sports. i'm don bell. have a great day. disgruntled eagles quarterback sam bradford may skip the teams voluntary work outs and now a bucks county restaurant wants him gone. >> owner of the big q barbecue in levittown says he is sick of brad forward's behavior after eagles drafted another quarterback. he create aid new sandwiched billed as a barbecue one voyage, but it has bone less chicken, pulled pork, cheese and jalapenos on what he is calling a very soft role.
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>> i don't think i need to explain why, we put chicken on it. pulled pork because, he will be getting pulled and jalapeno to give it spices to sim aboutizes the hot seat. >> that is crazy. >> sandwich, is free to the first 150 people who want to see bradford gone starting at noon today. it is $5 until bradford is out of town. after that, it is seven doll are which, of course, bradford's uniform number. >> progressive pricing, i love it. oh, well. bradford's heir apparent doesn't have a sandwiched named after him just yet but he is featured on the sports illustrated cover. thinks our first look the at carson wentz in an eagles uniform. sports illustrated created three different covers for three quarterbacks drafted in the first round. the lets hope there is no sports illustrated cover jinks for wentz. >> oh, yeah. >> some troubling news when it comes to your health coming up. >> what is quickly becoming
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here's some surprising healthwatch news, third leading cause of death in the united states is apparently medical mistakes. researchers a at johns-hopkins school of medicine suggest that medical errors are now behind only heart disease, and cancer. the study says that most mistakes lead to 250,000 deaths each year but in the because of bad doctors with you they say because system wide failures are responsible for putting patients at risk. >> patients just don't die from, heart plaques and bacteria but they can die from communication break downs and medication errors. system level problems are ubiquitous in health care.
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>> doctors urged patient toss ask about any medication or alternative treatment options. they recommend reading up on complications and always get a second opinion. this morning, on a new episode of the doctors, they interview an 11 year-old girl born with rare genetic illness that limits her maine built. they will show us how she's getting special help from a really special service dog. >> sweet, we thought she would be on crutches for good and move to the wheelchair with progressive disorder and seeing her up and running is fantastic. >> i have never seen a great dane service dog but there is obviously some major advantages when you are looking at mobility, and support. >> now i got to talk to host doctor travis stork and doctor jim action about bella's story. >> bella suffers from a very unique genetic illness where she's not able to really walk on her own but yet a service
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doggies a beautiful great dane service dog came into her life and that helps her to do all of the activities of daily living. the it is really a celebration of how something that is so i don't want to use the word silly but a dog literally taking a child who cannot live her life the way she wants to and make her maybe within of the most happiest kid i have ever seen. the best parties, seeing the look on this 11 year-old bella's face when she tells us she's a huge star wars fan and then out of no where r2d2 makes a special appearance. just to see the look and tears of joy on her face, it was pretty remarkable. >> so cool. >> see, what other surprises the doctors have planned today on the doctors. it airs right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jackpot is climbing. >> super sized pay out for tonight's pur ball drawing, jan. >> reporter: two officer involved shootings over the
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course of two hours in philadelphia, one turned deadly, i'm jan carabao reporting live from overbrook this morning, coming up what caused those office are to opened fire. we're looking ahead here to another quite dreary and gray day with more rain on the way is there ever an end in sight? i promise is there and i'll tell you when to see sunshine coming up next. meisha is watching those wet roads, she will let you know about early slow spots, for this morning's commute stay with us. wish your skin coulback like i? neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena
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officers, under attack. philadelphia police opened fire on two men in two separate shootings within a couple hours of each other. we will show you why the officer's say they felt threaten. good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. the katie is updating the wet forecast, she will let us know when we will get a break from the rainy weather but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> reporter: philadelphia police still on the scene of the police involved shooting overnight here in overbrook. this was the deadly incident before this incident, another police involved shooting. that one in southwest philadelphia. >> we're going after hillary clinton. >> reporter: chairman of the republican national committee says trump will be presumptive
5:30 am
nominee, for ted cruz, loss in indiana was one too many, cruz suspended his campaign. >> i think we can pull off one of the great big political upsets in the you had. >> reporter: in the democratic primary bernie sanders upset front runner hillary clinton. >> jackpot for tonight's power ball drawing is now 348 million-dollar. >> not a record breaker but still a lot of money. >> ground ball right side, hernandez, charges, he has got it, throws to first, in time and the phillies have pick up their major league leading sixth shut out of the season with a one to nothing victory. >> phillies continue their series with the cardinals tonight in st. louis. >> good night last night. will we have a good day to day, another umbrella day? >> it is not the worst idea. even though i do not need mine at the moment there is a break in the action here is there


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